Brody Building Features

  • Party Wall Sound Proofing

    Party walls are shared walls between adjacent homes, such as in a multi-family townhouse complex.  Walls are constructed to meet the criteria for fire safety ratings and sound transfer. Brody built homes, as a standard, go above code requirements of one 5/8 drywall on either side of the party wall. They are constructed with an additional half inch layer of drywall on one side and resilient sound bar on the other side, resulting in minimized sound transfer between units.

  • High Efficiency hot water on demand systems

    Brody Development has been using hot water on demand systems in all multi-family units since 2006. Tankless hot water heaters heat water directly, without the use of a storage tank. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit. Either a gas burner or an electric element heats the water. As a result, hot water on demand units deliver a constant supply of hot water and provide a benefit to homeowners in energy savings.

  • Drain Water Recovery Unit

    Hot water drain recovery units are designed to save energy, and ultimately cost, by capturing the heat from water that has already been used (showering, dishes etc.) to help preheat municipal water before entering the hot water on demand unit. Drain water heat recovery units will be installed in the units at Connect at Nature’s Edge.

  • HRV Heat Recovery Ventilation

    HRV is an energy recovery ventilation system in the home. The unit exhausts air out of the house and introduces exterior air inside, maintaining high air quality. The inbound and outbound air flow control minimizes off gases and promotes a healthy breathing environment.

  • Natural Gas Installation

    Providing homeowners with the high value details increasing convenience and comfort in the home has always been a Brody focus. As such, all projects are built with gas fired hot water on demand units, gas ranges, gas fireplaces and gas barbecue hook ups.

  • Sustainable Building

    A sustainable home signifies that green building principles are at the forefront of planning and technologies and systems are incorporated and utilized throughout the building of the development.  The intent is to increase energy efficiency, decrease operational costs and to provide homeowners with cleaner air inside the home. Brody Development uses many features to meet different qualifying levels of sustainable building programs. Some of these features include water and air flow systems as well as high quality paint and wood. As a standard we use 3/4″ Fir plywood subfloors, 1/2″ exterior plywood sheathing, 1″ plywood stairs and fir lumber. Units have top of the line wood cabinetry, flooring and design features.