New Home Warranty

Brody Development offers new homeowners the standard 1, 2, 5 and 10 year warranties. The one year warranty covers the building from bumper to bumper and the two year covers all major systems, while the five year covers the building envelope/water penetration and the ten year warranty covers structural deficiencies. The two and five year warranties are covered by Brody Development, backed by a third party insurer and the ten year warranty is covered by third party warranty insurance.  Strata-titled homes have two warranty policies, one for the home and another for the common properties. The Homeowner Protection Office, provides consumer protection information for homeowners:

  • Home Warranty Insurance on New Homes
  • Maintenance
  • Owner-built Homes
  • Repair Warranty Insurance on Building Envelope Renovations
  • Warranty Insurance Claims
  • Dispute Resolution

For more information please see the Guide to Homeowner Warranties in British Columbia.