Brody Development Corporation

Who We Are

Brody Development Group has been building quality homes on Vancouver’s North Shore for 37 years.

Brody Development is a local and well established builder/developer, specializing in multi-family communities and single-family luxury homes. Since inception in 1977, Brody Development have built hundreds of multi-family units and single family homes for families in North and West Vancouver. That level of experience and knowledge translates into a strong connection with homeowners – what they are looking for in a home, the features that are important to them, and the neighbourhoods that fit their lifestyles.

The Brody name is synonymous with quality and superior workmanship. The principal, Mike Brody, was born and raised on The North Shore, and today still chooses to make his home in this highly distinctive area. His deep appreciation of the region has instilled a great respect for the environmental features that make the landscape so unique.

This affinity with Nature inspires Brody Development to create warm, enduring developments, making optimum use of natural materials and traditional construction techniques, while also presenting contemporary features and detailing with an urban edge. The developer’s special attention to detail translates into unique, sustainable homes that are not only built to last, but are a carefully planned to complement their surroundings.

What We Do

Brody Development group builds single and multi-family homes on Vancouver’s North Shore. From land acquisition and initial design to interior finishing and final sale, Brody Development is on-site every step of the way. Their focused approach ensures every home receives the superior workmanship, quality materials and attention to detail they’ve become known for.

Brody Development is a member of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association.

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History and Recognition

Brody Development Group is owned and operated by principal, Mike Brody. Coming from a family of builders, Mike began building on his own in 1977, beginning with single family and spec custom housing. In 1989, he changed focus to incorporate land acquisitions and rezoning of properties. In the years since, single family custom and spec homes have been mixed in with the primary business of building multi-family developments. Throughout his career, Mike served three years as a member of the Housing Issues Task Force for the District of North Vancouver. He was invited by the District to join the Advisory Design panel where he served five years and he was a member of the West Vancouver Design Panel for over two years.

Regarded as a premier developer and builder on the North Shore, Brody Development is known for construction excellence, superior design, innovative technologies and exceptional value. Brody Development is pleased to be the recipients of Silver and Gold Georgie Awards and is honoured to be recognized by local advisory design panels and to have received a heritage award from the BC Heritage Society for McNair Park.

Brody Promise

  • Quality

    Our focused approach ensures every home receives superior workmanship, quality materials and attention to detail that we have become known for. We build houses like they are our own, with passion, ownership and pride.

  • Value

    From entry level condos to luxury custom homes, we pride ourselves in the small details and will go beyond industry standards to ensure our clients’ expectations are not only met but surpassed and that our houses are built to last.

  • Sustainable

    We use green materials, energy and water efficient appliances and new technologies to ensure that homes are built with high performance and efficiency in mind. We build homes and create communities to maintain the integrity of North Shore’s beauty and nature.

  • Integrity

    We’re on-site every step of the way from acquisition, throughout construction to the final sale and warranty follow up. We are honest, respectful and committed. We continuously strive to do the “right-thing” for our customers, business partners and community. Not only are we passionate about what we do, we care.

Careers / Trade Jobs

We do not have any current job openings. Please check back shortly. As the current project gets underway, we will be posting new job opportunities.

Customer Testimonials

We pre-purchased our unit at Legacy and moved in about two years ago. The whole process from purchase to move in went smoothly and Brody Development had the unit ready when promised. The few minor deficiencies we noticed were taken care of promptly by the builder. We are very happy with our townhome as it is attractive, quiet, comfortable and energy efficient and the show winning landscaping is a joy to be around. The quality of materials and workmanship on the inside and outside of our home is excellent. We feel that Mike Brody takes exceptional pride and personal care of his developments and we would not hesitate to recommend a Brody built home to anyone.

Jeff, Legacy at Nature’s Edge Homeowner

I have owned my home for 18 months now. I love living in comfortable but elegant surroundings. I can relax in the classic design and be proud of my home when entertaining friends and family.

It is clear that the Brody Development Group takes pride in the work that they do, creating a quality home, full of all the amenities and little conveniences necessary to fully appreciate my home. The extra soundproofing alleviates the closeness of town home living and the “hot-water-on-demand” system ensures there is always hot water available after a long hike or bike ride in the surrounding forest.

Superior quality and construction on my home gives me piece of mind for the future. I plan to live here for a very long time. If I was to purchase a new home again, I would certainly consider another Brody Development

Wendy, Legacy at Natures Edge Homeowner

I bought a townhouse in Trails Edge 8 years ago and have been very happy with my purchase. The exterior looks as good today as the day I bought it thanks to the use of extraordinary building materials. When I bought it I knew that Brody Development had a reputation for quality builds and Trails Edge has borne this out. I would definitely consider another Brody product.

Simon, Trail’s Edge Homeowner

After two years of owning a new town home by Brody Development, we have to say that it has lived up to our expectations in every way. From the foundation up, the development has been built to the highest of standards.
The quality and attention to detail during construction still shows through in the finished product, and we are extremely satisfied with it. When we looked at the town home market before we bought, other builders' products just didn't compare, and we thank Brody Developments for a job well done, and highly recommend them to anyone interested in owning one of their town homes!

Terry and Peter McHugh